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My first experience of kite flying was as a child when my parents took my brother and I down to the big beach on our bikes to swim & play in the sand dunes. My dad bought a small diamond kite and laterally a 2-line stunter - this was well before my teens. With more and more time being given over to one of my other passions - playing the bagpipes.

My interest was re-kindled with the arrival of Dan Fowden and his Wind & Water Shop in St Andrews. Back in 2000, I purchased a two line Stunt foil, which I flew for about nine months, and then I progressed up to my 1st real four-line power kite - an Advance Quattro. My friend and climbing partner Rick Taylor, along with myself, had purchased the kites from Dan and we were soon looking to expand our experiences. We picked up a Flexi buggy and soon progressed to that.

Rick changed direction & headed in to the land boarding arena. With his trip to Everest in 2004, I became the keeper of his land board and suddenly realized I liked cruising up and down the beach on it. With my quiver of kites expanding I was becoming very proficient at the Kite Buggying with new tricks being gathered on the way.

With most things done I was looking for my next challenge – Class 8 Parakart Racing is the next direction for me.In the last six months of 2005 I’ve also become a PKSF Power Kite Instructor & a BBC Kite Buggy Instructor. With my two sons wanting to get into kite flying like dad they were the inspiration to do my instructors exams and to set this site up.My wife is now of the opinion if you can’t beat him join him. So Sandra and my boys can be found down the beach as well.

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